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Skilled Omaha Litigation Attorneys For Formal Dispute Resolution

Last updated on November 20, 2023

Some matters call for formal dispute resolution. Your options may be litigation or mediation. When this is the case, you need the assistance of an experienced lawyer to minimize your costs and obtain the greatest chance to achieve a successful outcome.

At Seidler & Seidler, P.C., we focus our practice on representing the needs of individuals, trustees, personal representatives, heirs, beneficiaries and charities in many different types of litigation cases. We provide effective representation for clients, which has garnered us a favorable reputation throughout the legal and local communities, along with numerous referrals. Our firm is thorough and our handling of each and every case, serving the needs of clients in Omaha, Douglas County and throughout the surrounding areas. We tailor representation and pricing to fit the needs of a client. We offer alternatives of hourly billing, contingency fees and flat rates.

Helping You Effectively Resolve Legal Issues

Our firm represents clients in a range of litigation cases including:

  • Estate and Trust Litigation
  • Guardianship and Conservatorship litigation
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Power of Attorney Disputes
  • Financial Accounting Disputes

At our office, we handle not only your trial but also any appeals that may arise. Our firm represents new and existing matters that may progress to the appellate level, including arguing cases in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals for Nebraska.

Assertive Litigation And Appeals For Over 50 Years

To discuss your case with a member of our Omaha law office, call us at 402-397-3801, or contact us online today. Let us help you take control of your litigation matter.